Services We Provide

  •  We book just about anywhere in the Caribbean, Hawaii,    
    Central  America or Mexico you want to visit.  Yes we do Disney   
    too !  We love to book honeymoons, weddings, and romantic
    getaways for our soldiers returning from far away places.

  •  We book all the major cruise lines and have access to all the
    specials they advertise on any medium.  We also have access to
    many one, two, or three day unpublished sales you never hear
    about.  These sales can save you big bucks. I will monitor those
    sales for you and let you know when your trip is available.

  •  We no longer book the airlines for one reason.  They no longer
    pay us anything for doing it for them.   We will however do it in
    conjunction with a vacation or travel package.  Lets face it.  The
    airlines just aren't what they use to be 10 or 15 years ago.  
    Flying is a pain these days, but we have to use them to get  
    places unfortunately .  I can help you get the best price and
    monitor the rates for you.   We do sell many vacation packages
    from our suppliers that will include airfare.   These fares have
    been bought in bulk by our suppliers and are great deals !  But...
    you have to book early to get these deals.

  •  We strongly recommend you purchase travel insurance these
    days.  There are any number of things that can put a hold on
    your trip including sickness, work issues, family matters,
    weather, airline cancellations, or even resorts going bankrupt.   
    We have links on this  page to the best insurance we have
    found. You can shop and compare rates.   

  •  Don't forget all the big online sites are dealing with the very
    same suppliers I deal with.   The only difference is they don't
    know you from  Adam and don't want to know you. They just
    want you to buy something....anything ASAP so they can get
    that credit card number.  I will be making personal contact with
    the management at any resort I send you to.   The resorts know
    what will happen if  you get  poor service.

  •  We offer family, single , and couples  or adult only vacations.  If
    you ever visit an adult only resort  ( not that we don't love kids)
    you going to be hooked.  It's really nice to be able to read your
    book at the pool with out being  splashed by the kids.

  • We offer  lifestyle cruise and vacation packages and we can
     discuss these with you. Just give us a call or send us an email.

  •  The best thing to do is send us a note or give us a call.  I can't
    stand being high pressured to buy anything and you not going
    to get that from us either.   
Kauai , Hawaii
( This location was used on
Jurassic Park & Fantasy
Island )
You can't go to Hawaii without going to an authentic Hawaiian
Luau. Germaines Luau is one of the more popular ones.  We
can book that for you too.  Right now we can get your tickets at
30% off the regular admission price. Click the photo to see
some clips of the show.