About Us
A Little Bit About Cades Tropical Travel  

My name is Cade Huffman and I live in Newton, NC.   I have been in the
travel business for many years working for other companies.   My wife
Debbie operates Debbie Huffman Dance Academy .  She teaches school
age children how to dance with ballet, tap, and jazz.  After retiring from a
major airline I realized I just enjoyed traveling to much to give it up.   My
friends were always asking my advice about where to go and what to see
and do .   I decided I may as well just go ahead  and put that experience to

I have to admit once you visit an all inclusive resort in the Caribbean  
going to good ole Myrtle Beach just isn't the same.  The best part is you
can make it happen without spending any more money too !  That's the
little secret most people don't know.  I am a bit partial to Hawaii and the
Caribbean and have a time share in Cancun too.   Ever been on a cruise ?   
The best part of a cruise is you only have to unpack one time and still see
a lot of ports of call.  The bad part of a cruise is you have to get back to the
dock so you don't get left behind and a cruise is not at all inclusive
contrary to popular belief.

It is not our goal to be a huge travel web site company.  We cater to the
local people from the Catawba , Burke,and Caldwell Counties.  I know just
how overwhelming it can get trying to make the right choice when booking
on online sites.  Web sites are so impersonal and you can't talk to a person
you trust, that has actually been there.  We check out these places before
we send you there.  We can save you a lot of time once we get a feel for
what your  requirements are.  We really enjoy helping with weddings and

I  will do my best to be on your side and make your vacation a memory to
keep in your heart  forever.  I know I have  memories that I cherish.....and
so will you.